Battling Burnout in Challenging Times

In challenging times, it’s more common for sales leaders – or any professional – to burn out. The doers and drivers tend to work even harder to try to find a path to success. How can we address and alleviate this exhaustion?

Author and sales leader Jeff Kirchick joins Microsoft‘s Carson V. Heady, author of Salesman on Fire to discuss.

It is critical to first acknowledge and address the existence of these feelings along with why you’re feeling them; burnout is a joyless state complicated by exhaustion and hopelessness. It can be helpful to revisit what you can control, who you can confide in and outlets that provide relief.

Furthermore, applying ruthless discipline to your schedule in an attempt to move away what’s not mission critical helps you achieve your daily non-negotiables and can lighten the overall load.

Stripping away some of what is stressing you can help you rekindle the love of the game, but infusing more of your outside passions – family, hobbies, exercise – can provide a significant boost as well. Depending on the severity, additional professional help might be needed.

When you’re running on fumes, you need fuel. You can’t keep driving, much less drive harder. Be sure you get the help you need.
And if you are a leader, know that this is an important time to be even more at the pulse of your people and aware of their well-being than ever.

Where do you get the fuel you need when you are feeling burnt out?


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The Greatest Fears in Sales

Recently, I ran a poll for my 300,000 followers asking “What is the most profound fear in sales?” 51% cited bad performance while 30% called out losing a job. While those fears never go away, both have happened to me and they opened paths to better destinations and a better me.

Don’t get me wrong – in the moments you are navigating through these crucibles, it can be excruciating. We fear losing the ability to support our family and the momentum of our career and these can be crippling.

If you’re around long enough and challenged hard enough, you’ll likely encounter a missed quota. The year I missed quota, my manager gave away my top customer while I was on paternity leave. My biggest deal of the year was incorrectly calculated and never fixed. It was the first negative appraisal of my life and it was assumed my days were numbered.

Soon after, I got a new manager, who was incredible. I meticulously studied the system, focusing on activities that would create and nurture relationships and applying ruthless discipline to my schedule to drown out the distractions. From there, I went on a multi-year string of winning every award the company had to offer.

When I first lost a job, I was alone with no network and the droves of people I thought would help me did not. It was humiliating and deflating. Starting from scratch, I applied to hundreds of jobs with little results and did not get noticed until after my first book was published. Every meaningful move I’ve made since has been because of great relationships.

These experiences taught me these valuable lessons:

– Nothing good or bad lasts. As hard as losing is, it will get better. The other side just may not look like what you think you want it to.

– Your network is your net worth. Double down on relationships.

– Discipline and focus are paramount. The stuff that bogs you down or distracts you from your non-negotiables won’t save you when you miss goal or lose your job. Recalibrate often.

– Fear, while pesky and distracting and sometimes debilitating, is always around, so knowing how to use it as fuel, controlling the controllables and finding people who will sit in it with you makes everything better – even if not right away.

My favorite actor, the late Sir Sean Connery, once said in First Knight: “A man who fears nothing is a man who loves nothing. And if you love nothing, what joy is there in your life?”

We fear losing what we have, letting people down and not being enough, but if you show up with value, seeking to serve, creating and nurturing genuine relationships and seeking a win for everybody you work with, you’ll never regret your effort or contribution and you’ll build a career and brand you can be proud of.

Taming Your Sales CrocodilesHealthySalesLeader


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Assume the Position

Assume the position. The best way to get the role you want is to show the people in the hiring process that you’re the obvious choice, and when there is an opening you sign up for everything the role entails.

In my career, I have gotten 8 promotions. I’ve also been passed up countless times, which I point out because even if you’ve controlled everything you can and become the obvious choice, it doesn’t guarantee anything. There are always numerous forces at play.

What you can control is how you stretch beyond your role to show your value and de-risk the decision to promote you. How do you seek and understand the problems your senior leadership has, solve them and share your solutions for the benefit of others? How do you lead from whatever seat you are in?

Furthermore, when a role becomes available, raise your hand. Offer to serve; to fill whatever gaps are left by the void of the person who vacated the role. Getting an interim role does not guarantee you’ll get the full time position, but it does guarantee valuable experience, enhanced brand and likely a shot – which is what you need to get the position.

Finally, always remember that if it isn’t this job or promotion, it’s the next one, or the one after that. Dedicate yourself to delivering value, serving others and being a multiplier and there is a guarantee: you’ll go far.

Assume the position.


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How Do You React and Respond to “The No-Win Scenario?”

How do you react and respond in the face of the “no win” scenario?

Once upon a time… One of my team members was given what our leadership eventually admitted was a statistically impossible quota.

Because of this grossly out of whack anomaly with by far our biggest customer, my quota was also not attainable.

It took a couple of weeks to absorb this fact and make peace with the inevitability that we would not hit goal that year. We did, however, make a pact – that we were going to get aggressive, leave it all on the field and “go down swinging.” That was our mantra for the year. “Go down swinging.”

Multiple creative and brilliant deals were created and closed throughout the year. We left no stone unturned.

In the back half of the year, an announcement was made whereby a specific product sale would have its revenue multiplied.

My team hit 114% of goal and my team member had the best financial year of their career. We accepted the tough circumstances, made a plan and executed, letting the chips fall where they may. That’s all we could control. And we won, against all odds.

In Star Trek lore, there is a captain’s test called “The Kobayashi Maru” which is set up in a way to test the character of an aspiring leader in the face of certain defeat. What do you do or have you done in the face of impossible circumstances?


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If You Fight for Your Limitations, You Get to Keep Them

“If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.” – amazing quote from The Internship. What limiting beliefs are you allowing to keep you operating in comfortable ways of mediocrity or failing?

We can spend time and effort trying to be like others, or justify lack of achievement or trying because somebody else isn’t doing it.

Never compare yourself to someone else – specifically someone not reaching the achievements you want. Compare yourself to your own potential and that of how your unique superpowers can make the difference.

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The Greatest Successes Come After Failure or Impasse

The greatest successes come after failure or after the point where most people would have given up. The path to success is not a straight line; often we have to find our way through, over or around.

My marriage: We split 3 times before we got it right. Now we have 3 amazing daughters and over 7 years of marriage. They are my world.

My faith: I had tried unsuccessfully to bounce around churches after moving to St. Louis 21 years ago. 6 years ago my daughter was in a play that was put together by the church we have gone to since; I am now an elder there and my wife and oldest daughter have sung with their choirs and vocal groups many times. They have been an important community in our lives.

My career: My best year came after I missed goal for the only time. My best employment came after I lost 2 jobs through no fault of my own and a 4-year stint where I applied to over 1,600 jobs and worked at 3 companies. My best lessons came after I lost or failed to anticipate what was coming.

My books: It took 968 query letters to publishers and agents and hundreds of rejection letters to get my first of four books published 12 years ago. My book made my resume stand out when I went after the job that led me to where I am today.

Often, in the moment, things are so daunting that we can’t see the forest for the trees. When that happens, don’t quit – especially if it’s something that matters to you.

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SERVE. Impact = Value You Bring Others

Serve. Impact = value you bring to others. Your life and career will exponentially transform when you explore how you can deliver wins from your unique gifts and superpowers.

Don’t worry about what everybody else is doing – know and understand you first. Learn, grow and master your craft. Who can you learn from?

Share your learnings, findings and best practices. Who can benefit from you?

Don’t be distracted by what is out of your control; if you focus on investing in relationships and in the success of others, you’ll find success beyond your wildest dreams.

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Coaching Vs. Managing

Coaching vs. Managing: Drive positive change for an engaging team culture. Great leaders know how to direct the strategy, while understanding and investing in people to empower optimum results.

Check out Spinify’s CEO and Founder Matt Bullock and Microsoft’s Carson V. Heady discussing the most important components of leadership.

Great leadership and coaching looks like knowing your team, including them in building strategy and culture, removing their barriers to success, ensuring they have all resources they need and working with them in the field to maximize their process.

Great coaches build winning teams, upgrading with each move, and they know people have earned the right to be there; they exist to help them unlock their best selves and optimum impact.

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The Anatomy of a 9-Figure Social Selling Deal

Here it is: How we closed a 9-figure deal that started on and prominently featured #LinkedIn and #SalesNavigator – perhaps the largest #socialselling win in history.

A unique treat, as Tom Burton – author of “The Revenue Zone” – interviews me on my own show, Salesman on Fire to unpack this one-of-a-kind brilliant deal where we created a groundswell of hundreds of executive contacts.

A literal cast of hundreds were integral to getting this deal done during its 2 1/2 year cycle. LinkedIn can be a shining star in your selling toolbag – it was here.

The lesson: Never discriminate against a way to open the door to create and nurture new relationships.

If you’re a colleague of mine and would like to see the internal podcast interview I did with the AE, feel free to message me on #MicrosoftTeams!


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Why Doesn’t Everyone Seek the Next Level? – Robert Washington & Carson Heady on Infinite Mindset

Not everyone makes the decision to transform and take the steps to get to “the next level”. Why? What sets people who choose to have it all and operate with infinite mindset apart?

Microsoft‘s Robert Washington joins Carson V. Heady on Salesman on Fire to talk about the ultimate motivations that lead to addressing fears, finding balance and leaving a legacy.

They share their experiences in optimizing time management, finding purpose and realizing impact across business and personal domains.


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