The Anatomy of a 9-Figure Social Selling Deal

Here it is: How we closed a 9-figure deal that started on and prominently featured #LinkedIn and #SalesNavigator – perhaps the largest #socialselling win in history.

A unique treat, as Tom Burton – author of “The Revenue Zone” – interviews me on my own show, Salesman on Fire to unpack this one-of-a-kind brilliant deal where we created a groundswell of hundreds of executive contacts.

A literal cast of hundreds were integral to getting this deal done during its 2 1/2 year cycle. LinkedIn can be a shining star in your selling toolbag – it was here.

The lesson: Never discriminate against a way to open the door to create and nurture new relationships.

If you’re a colleague of mine and would like to see the internal podcast interview I did with the AE, feel free to message me on #MicrosoftTeams!


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Why Doesn’t Everyone Seek the Next Level? – Robert Washington & Carson Heady on Infinite Mindset

Not everyone makes the decision to transform and take the steps to get to “the next level”. Why? What sets people who choose to have it all and operate with infinite mindset apart?

Microsoft‘s Robert Washington joins Carson V. Heady on Salesman on Fire to talk about the ultimate motivations that lead to addressing fears, finding balance and leaving a legacy.

They share their experiences in optimizing time management, finding purpose and realizing impact across business and personal domains.


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She Sells with Elyse Archer meets Salesman on Fire: Elyse Archer & Microsoft’s Carson V. Heady on Mindset, Brand & Increasing Sales

She Sells with Elyse Archer meets Salesman on FireElyse Archer & Microsoft‘s Carson V. Heady on Mindset, Brand & Increasing Sales. What steps should we be taking today to be our best selves?

Check out the full discussion here:

Elyse walks through the driving force of leaving corporate America and forming her business She Sells, how we should be intentional building personal brand and overcoming limiting beliefs.


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Stand Out Vs. The Competition (Sell It Like a Mango) – Donald Kelly and Carson Heady

Competition is inevitable… and good – it forces us to show up better, evolve offerings and invest significantly in customer relationships. The Sales Evangelist’s Donald C Kelly joins me to discuss.

Check out the full discussion here!

Understand your competition. Information and knowledge are key and knowing a strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats breakdown of your competitors helps you determine with whom and in what areas you should focus.

Donald wrote an important book called “Sell it Like a Mango: A New Seller’s Guide to Closing More Deals” where he discusses his first experience with selling & how he learned to master the competitive landscape. Check it out here!
Just like you have a playbook, so do your competitors and customers. Value is in the eye of your prospect, and they don’t necessarily care about your key initiative. Knowing how to leverage your strengths and meet your customers where they want to be met make all the difference.
Check out the full discussion here!

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Selling Through Tough Times – Paul Reilly & Carson Heady

Tough times are inevitable. We can prepare for them, control our response & learn during them. Best-selling author Paul Reilly and Microsoft sales leader Carson V. Heady discuss on Salesman on Fire.

Check out the full discussion here:

Tough times can look like a lot of different things, from a sales slump or personal struggles to a deadly diagnosis or recession. While many elements of tough times are painful, pain can beget positive change.

During tough times, stay central to your purpose, seek to serve, and provide what your audience and customers need: security & stability. What value looks like can shift; your goal is to reduce their risk of change.

Don’t focus on your performance during tough times; focus on progress. Plant the seeds that will flourish after tough times end.

Double down on people and process. We must reinvent ourselves often; tough times enable you to learn new tools and approaches, plus ways to parlay your strengths into wins for others.

Look for the positive and learning in every setback!

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Relying on Motivation Vs. the Execution of Consistency

While spurts from motivating outside sources can certainly cause a spike in our output and results, the only surefire way to reach your goals consistently is to apply consistency to execution of your process – even (and especially) when you’re just not feeling it.

This can be achieved by:

  1. Grounding yourself in your desired outcome or North Star
  2. Remembering that even going through the motions moves you forward. If you execute your non-negotiables and prioritize effectively, you will reap the reward of achieving milestones
  3. Don’t rely on outside sources you cannot control motivating you; more fuel comes from intrinsic motivation

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Coaching Culture, Digital Brand & The Importance of Practice

How can leaders create a coaching culture, empower teams, expand influence with social media & take their teams to the next level by making “practice” a part of regular execution?

Kelsan #Sales VP Justin Clark joins Microsoft Director & #1 social seller Carson V. Heady on Salesman on Fire to discuss.

It begins with intentionality – identify why it is important to have a winning, strong, diverse and inclusive culture that isn’t exactly like us.

Leaders don’t exist to be the heroes; they are the hero-makers. Strong coaches are not reactive and it’s not important for them to be the smartest person in the room. Understand your team’s why, invest in them, and show you trust them by letting them execute as they see fit.

Find people that will enhance everyone else on your team because their strengths are unique and they complement the whole. Not only are you building a team, but you’re building a leadership reputation and attracting future talent by the moves you make.

We can help them see around corners, but it’s not our job to analyze every facet of their process. We can certainly advise ways they can broaden impact and improve outcomes, but we leave the call on how they do it with them.

The role of the leader is relatively invisible in the day to day. Inspect, be available, communicate frequently and transparently so your team is armed with everything they need to be successful. Remove legitimate barriers to success so the road there is clearer.

Justin and Carson discuss how leaders can best leverage digital to enhance brand and influence teams plus how making “practice” normal in the workplace takes everyone to the next level.

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How Do You Bring Peak Performance Every Day Amidst Uncertainty – Jeff Kirchick & Carson Heady

How do you bring your peak performance day after day, especially amidst change, turmoil or uncertainty?

#Sales VP and author Jeff Kirchick joins Microsoft Director & Salesman on Fire author Carson V. Heady to discuss.

As challenging as it is, don’t get distracted by things out of your control. They can veer you away from fundamentals and process.

Be purpose-driven and execute your daily non-negotiables, with people in your sphere and relationships as the priority.

Practicing mindfulness and being present and in the moment is crucial. Focus on landing the step and showing up as your best self.

Don’t cling to your wins or losses, rather let your learnings inform your strategy and activities so you can apply your best.

Play for love of the game; you won’t always do exactly what you think you want to do, but you can certainly parlay your passions and unique superpowers into your work and tasks in a way that can ignite your motivation.

Nothing good or bad lasts. Give yourself grace, land the step and keep people and process at the heart of everything you do.


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What Got You Here Isn’t Going to Get You to the Next Level

What got you here isn’t going to get you to the next level.

Whether you arrived thanks to relationships or a reputation, you will need to forge a distinct path leveraging new tools, resources and relationships to get wherever you want to go.

Maybe it’s a job or a promotion. Maybe it’s a relationship – the attraction that got you in it won’t keep the love alive. Whatever it is, you have to determine what greatness or success looks like and carve out a roadmap to get there.

Don’t get me wrong – you’ll learn plenty from where you’ve come from and your previous efforts matter. But you’ll have to match or surpass your efforts and contributions if you want to continue leveling up.

In my experience, I’m constantly looking for new ways to love my wife and kids. What made me a great sales rep don’t by default make me a great leader, but knowing and empowering my teams can.

Think about the outcome you want, and develop the process that will lead you there – relationships you need to get where you want to go. Think about the skills or knowledge or controllable variables so you can lay the foundation and set off on the right path.

Even deciding you want to or think you’re ready for the next level doesn’t make it so. You’ll have to adjust and adapt along the way, as roadblocks present themselves or variables change. Be mindful, address the present moment and adjust the sails based on the new parameters.

The next level is out there. What are you willing to do differently to get there?


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Selling From the Heart 2022 Authentic Selling Challenge

One of the biggest thrills of my career to date, being a contributor to the Selling From the Heart Authentic Selling Challenge, hosted by Larry Levine – Selling From The Heart and Darrell Amy.

Over the moon to have been on the docket alongside luminaries of sales like Jeffrey GitomerJennifer GitomerMorgan J IngramHeather Monahan & Scott Schilling. Truly enjoyed talking about how critical relationships and being genuine are in sales and career.

Whether you are in sales for the fulfillment, thrill, or the coin, you cannot reach your potential unless you are your authentic self.

Please check it out here!


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