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SALESMAN ON FIRE (2020) Just released! “On a business trip to Minneapolis, I was fortunate to spend much of a day interviewing the greatest salesperson I’ve ever known – Vincent Scott, whose early career exploits were captured a decade ago in 2010’s sales book-in-a-biography “Birth of a Salesman”.”Salesman on Fire” includes our discussions, which not only outline his sales and leadership career, valuable lessons and learnings, but also some of his greatest triumphs and defeats. Vincent recounts his entire 20+ year career – from starting out in sales to rising rapidly through the ranks – and highlights some never-before-known occurrences and philosophies past and present. “Birth of a Salesman” was the tip of the iceberg; “Salesman on Fire” finds a middle-aged Vincent Scott reflecting on life, love and how he handled the greatest challenges and choices of his entire career.”

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Many take a crack at it and many swing and miss. People spend their lives trying to figure it out and, if played properly, there is a lot of money to be made. What is it, you ask? The selling game.

In some circles, “sales” is considered a curse word. Not so; sales is a psychology of the people science and a tug-of-war between you and the insecurities and weaknesses of your customer. Over-complication or over-simplification can be hazardous to your career health. Applying the right touches and knowing when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em can lead to greatness.

The commandments of the selling game revolve around really learning and actually listening to the customer. Learning from experiences, persevering where you have fallen before and targeting specific needs and weakness within your customer’s current portfolio gives you the best shot at success. Realization that there is only one true objection – a lack of belief – and understanding that you must make the customer’s fear of change be outweighed by their fear of missing out are integral to the process.

Sales intimidates many a soul, but when a partnership is entered into by two knowledgeable, open-minded individuals it can lead to magical things. Those doing the selling must be willing to learn, adapt and project an air of confidence in the face of adversity. Those on the receiving end must lend an ear and a bit of their background to receive the proper diagnosis. In the end, the selling game can be fun, engaging and very profitable for everyone involved.

Whether you are looking for motivation, sales training, techniques, tips, how-to or an enthralling story, you are in the right place. Welcome, and thank you for stopping by.
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Hello to all, and much thanks for stopping by!

My name is Carson V. Heady, Dad, sales leader and author, hailing from Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

My entire career has been in sales and sales leadership. Like many others, I began in sales not knowing how good of a fit it would be, yet found a lot of success. Through a few major companies and a few smaller, 4 promotions to date, residential sales, business, inbound, outbound, upstairs, downstairs and in my nightgown, I have run the sales gamut… but I continue to learn every day.

In the selling game, we experience a lot of things – the sales game, the corporate surviving game, and these are the shared experiences written about in my books. Through successes and failures over the years that I have gone through, I hope you can learn from my path and I hope to connect with you so I can learn from you. It has been quite a ride.

“Birth of a Salesman” was published in August 2010 by World Audience, Inc.

Not only is it spot-on, can’t miss sales/career advice, but it is a how-to-book WITHIN a novel about the “fictional” author of that advice book.

THAT is why it is a cut or two above every sales book of its ilk: it’s real. It’s got grit, heart, intrigue, conspiracy, romance and real life wins and losses of the protagonist practicing what he preaches.

I don’t proclaim to be a guru; I am simply on a quest to meet other like-minded professionals and leaders with whom to share ideas and learn from, and hopefully help and guide others on their path to success.

“BIRTH OF A SALESMAN” is the quintessential how-to-sell book, encased within the story of its fictional author, Vincent Scott. The chapters of his book The Selling Game are strategically placed throughout the overall body of work as they illustrate sales lessons on preparation, introduction, fact-finding, pitching, closing and overcoming objections (plus chapters on interviewing, earning the promotion and managing effectively) that he learned along the road to success. As he writes his book and professionally heads into a pivotal time in his career, he draws upon memories of clashes, controversy, friends and foes that shaped his rise to power over the last ten years of his life for reference. Along the way, he has had his heart broken, suffered losses, stood up repeatedly to crooked superiors and been to hell and back, but is still standing as he leads his team through a dark period after their mutiny has thrust their corrupt district supervisor into an ethics investigation.

The book can be purchased at Barnes & Noble and online through Amazon,, with Kindle and Nook versions available. THE AUDIO VERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE AS WELL THROUGH AMAZON MP3 AND NAPSTER. 14 ½ hours, narrated by yours truly.

Anyone who has ever had a job, been in a relationship, loved something or someone, or lost something or someone will identify with this story and this book.

Finally, thank you all for all of your support.

All the best, and, as always, make it a great day!

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2 Responses to The Home of the “Birth of a Salesman” Series, by Carson V. Heady

  1. Greg Theisen says:

    Carson, I came across your name from an OOO reply from one of your MSFT reps. I then started checking out your sales blog, videos, and am in the middle of “Salesman on Fire.” Great stuff! In some of your recent material, it seems as though your faith surfaces in little bits. For example, you describe the “Holy Trinity of client, company, and you”. Have you written or spoken on how faith influences you, or how to blend faith into your profession?

    • cvheady007 says:

      Greg – Thank you so much for reaching out! I have a bit, yes – on my blog there are some entries specific to the value of faith in your career – from servant leadership to resilience and strength!

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