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How to Parlay Your Passions into Fulfilling Your Purpose – Carson Heady & Alex Brockman

What if you could obtain whatever you want – a better relationship, more fulfilling career, or life’s dream? How can you parlay your passions into something that will unlock valuable, authentic relationships? alex brockman of csg joins Microsoft#sales leader Carson V. Heady on Salesman on Fire to discuss. … Continue reading


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4th and Goal: Optimizing Fourth Quarter Sales Results

Check out Jeb Blount and Carson Heady discussing how you optimize the 4th quarter: The fourth quarter. Whether sports or sales is your arena of choice, the mere mention implies that final push for the win. Pressure, heightened sense of … Continue reading

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The Undying Value of the Field (Sales) Agent (Inspired by James Bond)

My longtime affinity for James Bond, coupled with the slogan written of him – “the man every woman wants and every man wants to be” – also presents two immediate stark contrasts: I’m not that guy and salespeople aren’t spies. … Continue reading

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