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Sales: The Real Oldest Profession (Introductory Chapter to “The Salesman Against the World”)

In the annals of history, one common philosophy, one common thread and one common attribute binds together multiple facets of all professions, walks of life and means of communication. That commonality, pulsating through every vein of humankind is the psychology … Continue reading

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TRAINING – The Biggest Miss in the Selling Game

We can be great at sales, strong at leadership and have the best of intentions. Yet if we fail to properly train and ā€“ more importantly ā€“ follow up to ensure the material sinks in and is consistently executed upon … Continue reading

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Health and Fitness Made Easier, for the Casual Busybody and Workaholic Alike

It is important to note: Iā€™m no expert on the topic of health and fitness, but I have kept and can keep it simple for the casual busybody and workaholic alike to be able to make both priorities in their … Continue reading

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