What is the Best Way to Prospect?

What is the best way to prospect – focusing on quantity, quality or somewhere in between? What has worked best for you?

Jeff Kirchick and Carson V. Heady discuss.

As long as customer #relationships and driving conversations is at the heart of prospecting efforts, and we gravitate toward responses and high propensity leads, we are headed in the right direction.

We can control quality, quantity and consistency of prospecting efforts. Reaching out to an optimum number of influencers (and their influencers) with a quality message (giving the optimum response rate) and executing this process over time consistently will give you the maximum #success rate for landing meetings.

Everyone has their own prospecting philosophies. High touch can work well to enhance the chances of getting a first meeting. However, if we absolutely must connect with a specific person, researching them and personalizing the message to them is best (along with attempting connection to their influencers – swarm the BDM!)

Interested in your thoughts on #sales prospecting!


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People, Prioritization & Process are the Pillars of Leadership

People have earned the right to be in the role they are in; it’s not up to a leader to force them to change their way of doing things. The experience a leader brings can help people see around corners (this is one of Annette Brackin, MBA‘s fundamentals!).

Jon KronemeyerMatthew K. Berra & Carson V. Heady discuss.

Prioritization is everything. We all must have our non-negotiables – some are personal and some professional. Schedule everything that matters.

Identify what works for you, prioritize appropriately and share (don’t impose) it with your #team. Help, guide, coach, lead and empower your team to have the right process and execute effectively.

Leaders exist to train, teach, support and remove legitimate barriers to success – so the team has a clearer path to victory.


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How Do You Best Start a New Job to Ensure Success?

When you start a new role in your #career, how do you set the foundation to best ensure #success?

Cresta‘s Jeff Kirchick joins Microsoft and ex- AT&T#sales leader Carson V. Heady to discuss on this week’s #MindshareMonday.

In the process leading up to a new role, we enter into a contract: the company agrees to provide training, support and resources required. We commit to be the person we pledged to be on interview day.

A first, sometimes overlooked element is refresh and recharge – try to take some time off between roles so you can bring your best self.

Immerse in the role – understand the other players and the processes. What are the superpowers of those you work with? What value can you immediately bring to others? How can you leverage what you’re good at to invest in #relationships?

Even if you don’t understand the language yet, take a lot of notes – eventually, they will make more sense and this will aid you as you work to understand statuses and milestones.

Job shadowing can reveal best practices and understanding of the day-to-day rhythm as you establish your process.

Understand all parameters and resources in play, evolve your 30-60-90 and establish a strong foundation to give yourself the best start in a new role.


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How to Navigate Working for a Small Vs. Large Company

There are often stark differences between working for large vs. small organizations – what are the key nuances between them?

Jeff Kirchick joins me for this week’s #MindshareMonday to discuss.

In smaller organizations, you often have more autonomy – which is exciting for some, but the lack of process or resources may frustrate them. You may be able to operate very quickly but need to be comfortable with the pace and leading the charge.

Larger companies often have more rules, processes and resources, so it’s important to understand how to effectively leverage but also navigate all of these variables. #Influence is key. Know the people who need to be in the boat with you and rely on the benefits of working in the larger organization.

Having a logo can help you get into doors with potential clients, but if you bring value, research, relationships and intel you can break in anywhere.

What key differences would you highlight as pros and cons in working in large vs. small organizations?


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A Focus on People & Process Leads to Success

If we have a respectful #relationship built on trust with the influencers in an organization, align on priorities and control the controllables, we optimize #sales process.

Cohesity‘s Brandon Grieve joins Microsoft and ex- AT&T leader Carson V. Heady to discuss.

Having the decision-maker #relationships and understanding budget and timelines sets the stage for mapping out the critical milestones and mutual accountability.

The best deals are a byproduct of relationships where we seek to serve and to deliver wins for those we are collaborating with.

Results and numbers are also a byproduct of sales process being executed; they expose strengths and gaps that can help us evolve and pivot our process.

We need the right team and resources in place, we need #leadership removing legitimate barriers to #success and we call the plays and execute – with the customer at the heart of everything we do.

If you’re struggling – ask for help! From your team, #management and even your customer – to help guide next steps amidst any blockers or concerns.


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How Do We Improve our B2B Sales Batting Average?

Roughly 50% of #B2B#sales deals slip or die prior to quarter’s end. How do we better manage milestones and accelerate deals?

Brandon Grieve of Cohesity joins Microsoft and ex- AT&T leader Carson V. Heady to discuss.

It starts with ensuring the foundation is sound: to get meaningful deals done and have true #collaboration with clients, it starts with the right #relationships with #influencers, understanding budgets and #management of timelines.

Driving enough #pipeline to ensure translation to results is important, but we also have to improve our batting average. We cannot “lose the deal” before we ever get started.

Our processes – too often – are aligned to how #salespeople want to sell rather than how #customers want to buy. What are their objectives? What is their pain? Are we actually aligned?

Brandon outlines his 5 P’s: The Pain, Purpose, People, Preferences, Process – these are the critical customer perspectives we must understand to build a foundation to a relationship or deal.

Numbers and results (or lack thereof) help us diagnose where we need to adjust process. If we control the controllables in the relationship and deals, built on trust, transparency, and mutual accountability, we enhance our probability of #success.


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Great Sellers Must Be the Unsung Hero

Great sellers are the unsung hero, willing to do whatever must be done to properly prioritize the customer, their company and the outcome.

Jeff Kirchick joins me to discuss.

I take a lot of inspiration from the Chris Nolan Batman films; we often have to embrace fear, uncertainty and discomfort to be the instrument that drives the right outcome.

Currently, I’m reading “Dare to Lead” by BrenĂ© Brown which has been quite helpful in embracing the adversity as Jeff outlines here.

The Catch-22 is that we cannot put together meaningful relationships and deals without all of the right stakeholders. Challenging conversations will happen. Effectively articulate your desire to help them win.

One of the most significant deals I ever got done was the result of going around an executive who refused to talk to me, getting the buy-in from the Board who brought in the CEO and others. It was uncomfortable, but I made clear with everything I did that I wanted them to win.

“Run headfirst into the adversity.” Some of our best relationships have had plenty of anguish. Be respectful, build trust, be transparent and be humble and you’ve controlled all you can.


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How Should You Invest in Personal Brand to Drive Authentic Relationships?

People do business with who they know, like and trust. What investments do you make in your personal brand to drive authentic relationships?

Adam McChesney joins Microsoft#sales#leaderCarson V. Heady to discuss.

#Branding is not just about sharing the winning – it’s how and what you deliver amidst challenges, setbacks and reality.

Social is not about just posting motivational quotes or self-promotion – it’s about actually being social. Be engaging, be relatable and stay at the pulse of what matters to your audience.

We control the quality, quantity and consistency of our social engagement; #PersonalBranding is a combination of your skills, superpowers and how and why you engage.

Be genuine, seek to contribute but be open to learn and to many different perspectives.

#Success is not for those who are unwilling to fail. Continue to invest in yourself, your #growth and brand and in the #relationships in your #network and results will be paid in dividends over time.


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The Reward of Mentorship Relationships

Every #mentorship#relationship will look very different, but a great mentor can add game-changing value at any stage of a #career.

Tintri‘s Charlie Collins joins Microsoft and ex- AT&T#sales#leaderCarson V. Heady to discuss.

A “mentor” is defined as an experienced and trusted adviser. This can take so many forms, so be open to where this relationship can evolve.

They can provide a constructive playbook, helping choreograph our moves across core components of our roles. They can also guide us through challenging experiences based on their own wisdom.

As Charlie said, “sometimes you have to fly on your own” – mentors create eagles, prepared to soar solo.

Mentorship can be very intentional – with a request or recommendation, a cadence and framework. It can also be inadvertent, as we lean on trusted advisers when we need their counsel for specific scenarios.

You get a limited number of career summits, but the reward can be amplified greatly if you form meaningful mentorship relationships – to grow through learning or to teach.


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The Timeless Elements of Building Successful Teams

What are the timeless elements of building #teams and what looks different in today’s landscape?

Tintri‘s Charlie Collins joins Microsoft and ex- AT&T#sales leader Carson V. Heady to discuss.

Experience-based questions that focus on how people handled situations they will face in the new role are imperative to gauge the potential for success.

Actual #experience in the same industry or role is helpful, but personality and attitude, how people have persevered in the face of adversity, what they have done to learn and grow and results – wins, losses and learnings – are the tale of the tape.

Questions, preparation and ability to follow up and manage milestones are critical components for the successful candidate or seller.

Look for the candidates who come prepared, do their research, ask good questions and understand the parameters and the playing field as best as they can.

Any #hiring decision comes with a degree of risk; you reduce risk by taking into consideration all of these important aforementioned variables.

In a more often virtual or hybrid setting, geographical boundaries need to be revisited and we can cast a much wider net to find the right candidates.


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