How Can You Still Achieve Maximum Motivation in an Increasingly Virtual World?

**How can you still achieve maximum #motivation in an increasingly #virtual world?**

Not everyone has been infected, but everyone is affected by the state of 2020.

It can be challenging to get up for another day of work without the buzz of the office or the joy of meeting others in person to look forward to.

Make your daily list.

Celebrate even the “small” wins you are able to achieve and check off.

Create a “joy list” – a list of things that bring you joy that when the opportunity presents itself, you can do to put you in a positive mindset.

Exercise? Reading? Writing? Meaningfully connecting with others by phone or video? Nature? A drive?

Schedule time – to invest in yourself (lunches, breaks – anything!) and in meaningful connecting with others.

Slow it down. Control what you can control, moment by moment. We’re all in this together. Check on each other. Be good to each other… and to yourself!

Stay safe, and thanks for watching! #relationships #salespeople #collaborate #digitalselling #teams #eq #lifelonglearner #growthmindset #prioritization #selling #sales

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How Do We Optimize the Controllable Components of Productivity? – Amanda Holmes & Carson Heady

How effectively we manage our time is critically aligned to our #productivity and impact. How do we optimize the controllable components of productivity?

The incredible CEO of Chet Holmes International, Amanda Holmes joins Microsoft #sales #leader Carson V. Heady to discuss.

It all starts with the realization of why this focus is important: Gallup reports 75% of staff is disengaged in their work. We are often deterred by distractions, minutiae, our reactive nature and incessant desire to address notifications immediately.

The 6 steps to great time management:
(1) Touch it once. Don’t read and re-read e-mails or check them upon receipt. Take action and move on.
(2) Make Lists. What are your daily non-negotiables that you must achieve?
(3) Plan How Much Time Is Needed for your non-negotiables – block off time to be proactive vs. reactive.
(4) Plan Your Day – This includes time needed for proactive and reactive work.
(5) Prioritize: Make sure most of the day is focused on proactive work.
(6) Ask Yourself: How much will it hurt to throw this away? What do we TRULY need to hold on to?

Prioritize your non-negotiables and be vigilant in your scheduling. Ensure you are most focused on high impact work.

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Top Sales Questions – Paul Reilly & Carson Heady

Do you ever face these questions? “My deal is stuck and the customer went silent.” “I can’t get past procurement.” “I have my new accounts – where do I begin?” If so – this is a must-listen!

The most incredible blessing of being a student of #sales is #relationships – getting to connect with other great minds of the #selling game. I recently had the immense pleasure of being on “The Q and A Sales Podcast” with the brilliant Paul Reilly.

Check out the full show here!–QHR

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How Resilience & Mindset Make You Unstoppable

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” – John Wooden

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” – John Wooden
Life and #career go unexpectedly. The quicker we pivot, the better.

Cresta‘s Jeff Kirchick joins Microsoft#sales#leaderCarson V. Heady to discuss.

We will all experience #success and defeat, wins and losses, joy and grief – both in personal and professional facets.

The best we can do is control the controllables. If something is completely out of your control, shift your focus to managing the things you can; these give you the best probability for a successful outcome.

Things changed for our world in 2020, but we are all living and working through a pandemic. The successful have been the ones who understand the new playing field, new way of building relationships, new way of leading and working and seek excellence amidst the changed landscape.

It’s not easy. Change can sting. Our impulse may be to place blame or make excuses.

But if you choose success, understand the new variables and take control of what you can.


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What Does it Take to Be the Best?

What does it take to be the BEST?
A special treat – my friend and author Patrick Tinney joins me for a #sales jam.

Companies want to hire people that do extraordinary things.

The best #salespeople and #leaders are those who are a student of the game. They are customer obsessed and invest meaningfully in relationships. They understand the process, resources and playing field extensively.

The BEST are resilient. They are chameleons. They respond and pivot and adapt. They constantly seek #growth and #learning.

They look for ways to make their superpowers really shine. They understand how they can help everyone they touch – customers, colleagues and leadership – WIN.

The BEST do what other people are unwilling to do.


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The 4-Day Workweek? How Do We Best Arrive at the Right Mix of Work?

There is a lot of talk about a 4-day workweek, but not all would be created equally. What must be considered to arrive at the right mix of work?

Cresta‘s Jeff Kirchick joins Microsoft and ex- AT&T#sales#leaderCarson V. Heady to discuss.

During a recent conversation with Matthew K. Berra & Jon Kronemeyer, we were talking about the 4-day work week concept.

Rightfully so, there is a great deal of focus today on mental health & work-life balance. There are studies which reinforce the value of offering unlimited vacation.

The real factors at play here are the amount of work to be done and the amount of time required to achieve it. Does reducing scheduled work time to 4 days from 5 actually reduce the hours required? Is everyone working 5 days today actually working 8-10 hours/day currently? How does a shift to less work days impact current under-achievers?

It’s clear flexibility is desired in today’s work environment, and if we can achieve the critical components of our role and not sacrifice any relationships with clients or colleagues, let’s achieve work in that space. Does it require a broad stroke impacting entire organizations or teams?

Interested in your thoughts.


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The Song That Got Me Through the Pandemic/ **SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT**

“The Show Must Go On” – the song that has gotten me through the pandemic thus far. **STAY TUNED for a special announcement at the end of this message.**

Some of the lyrics: “Inside my heart is breaking, my makeup may be flaking but my smile still stays on.”

Even when we falter or “aren’t feeling it,” we are still expected to be present, deliver and execute in our personal and professional lives.

Listening to this song – in the mornings, before a call I’m not necessarily looking forward to – has filled me with strength, helped my resilience and to persevere.

“I’ll face it with a grin, I’m never giving in. On with the show.”

We’re all performers with unique skills and talents – you are the star of your show. Whether it’s a tough conversation, making decisions amidst uncertainty, or executing the process we know is right despite failures – THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT** My 5th book, entitled “THE SHOW MUST GO ON” will be released in 2022. #Sales and #leadership in uncertain, ambiguous and challenging times.

Vincent Scott Will Return.


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What is the Best Way to Prospect?

What is the best way to prospect – focusing on quantity, quality or somewhere in between? What has worked best for you?

Jeff Kirchick and Carson V. Heady discuss.

As long as customer #relationships and driving conversations is at the heart of prospecting efforts, and we gravitate toward responses and high propensity leads, we are headed in the right direction.

We can control quality, quantity and consistency of prospecting efforts. Reaching out to an optimum number of influencers (and their influencers) with a quality message (giving the optimum response rate) and executing this process over time consistently will give you the maximum #success rate for landing meetings.

Everyone has their own prospecting philosophies. High touch can work well to enhance the chances of getting a first meeting. However, if we absolutely must connect with a specific person, researching them and personalizing the message to them is best (along with attempting connection to their influencers – swarm the BDM!)

Interested in your thoughts on #sales prospecting!


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People, Prioritization & Process are the Pillars of Leadership

People have earned the right to be in the role they are in; it’s not up to a leader to force them to change their way of doing things. The experience a leader brings can help people see around corners (this is one of Annette Brackin, MBA‘s fundamentals!).

Jon KronemeyerMatthew K. Berra & Carson V. Heady discuss.

Prioritization is everything. We all must have our non-negotiables – some are personal and some professional. Schedule everything that matters.

Identify what works for you, prioritize appropriately and share (don’t impose) it with your #team. Help, guide, coach, lead and empower your team to have the right process and execute effectively.

Leaders exist to train, teach, support and remove legitimate barriers to success – so the team has a clearer path to victory.


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How Do You Best Start a New Job to Ensure Success?

When you start a new role in your #career, how do you set the foundation to best ensure #success?

Cresta‘s Jeff Kirchick joins Microsoft and ex- AT&T#sales leader Carson V. Heady to discuss on this week’s #MindshareMonday.

In the process leading up to a new role, we enter into a contract: the company agrees to provide training, support and resources required. We commit to be the person we pledged to be on interview day.

A first, sometimes overlooked element is refresh and recharge – try to take some time off between roles so you can bring your best self.

Immerse in the role – understand the other players and the processes. What are the superpowers of those you work with? What value can you immediately bring to others? How can you leverage what you’re good at to invest in #relationships?

Even if you don’t understand the language yet, take a lot of notes – eventually, they will make more sense and this will aid you as you work to understand statuses and milestones.

Job shadowing can reveal best practices and understanding of the day-to-day rhythm as you establish your process.

Understand all parameters and resources in play, evolve your 30-60-90 and establish a strong foundation to give yourself the best start in a new role.


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