My updated James Bond film rankings. Debate.

My updated James Bond film rankings. Debate.
1. Goldfinger
2. From Russia With Love
3. Doctor No
4. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
5. Thunderball
6. Skyfall
7. Casino Royale
8. Goldeneye
9. The Spy Who Loved Me 
10. You Only Live Twice
11. Live and Let Die
12. Licence To Kill
13. For Your Eyes Only
14. Tomorrow Never Dies
16. Octopussy
17. Diamonds are Forever
18. Quantum of Solace
19. The Living Daylights
20. Die Another Day
21. From A View To a Kill
22. The World Is Not Enough
23. The Man With The Golden Gun
24. Never Say Never Again
25. Moonraker


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I am a 39-year old Dad, workaholic and author. Having been born and raised in Cape Girardeau, MO, I moved to St. Louis in 2001, began a career in sales and never looked back. My first novel, "BIRTH OF A SALESMAN" is headed to stores both online and offline soon.
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